About Ari

Name: Ari(Not real name :P)
Nicknames: Khatt, Scratchkitty, Scratchkitteh
Age: 14
Day of birth: Friday

Likes: Sports, music, comedy movies, singing, art, Leonardo da Vinci, teasing people, joking and goofing around with guy pals(and girls, but that's pretty rare), comic books, anime, our secret family recipe lasagna, and fast food.

Dislikes: I have an extremely long list of dislikes, so I'll name a few: seafood, make-up,manicure and pedicure, male clowns, hypodermic needles, blood tests, snooty girls.

I like to say this: Hola señor / señora

I think: the Spanish language is beautiful. Nothing can stop me from wanting to learn more about this language, no matter how great the number of Spanish speakers there are in this world.

I tend to: post really short entries.

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